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3 Types of Work that Allow You to Escape the Office

For many people, an office-based career is not ideal. Having to sit at a computer screen and undertake routine tasks from 9-5 every weekday is a career that does not appeal to all workers. Office work typically involves responding to an almost constant stream of emails and completing repetitive tasks such as data entry and drafting standard reports. For some people of working age, there is a desire to work in a more dynamic environment that gives more variety in the working day. This could involve working outdoors and enjoying fresh air and exercise as part of your job or combining a love of driving with earning a meaningful income. If you are looking to start your career and do not wish to be confined to an office-based working routine or are looking to change careers and escape the office, this article will be of interest. In it, three different types of work are described that offer a non-office-based environment and the opportunity to undertake roles that many people will find to be more satisfying and interesting than office work.

Freelance shipping driver

If you have a love of driving and own a van or truck, you may wish to consider becoming a freelance shipping driver. In this role, shipping firms post details of shipping work on their websites with details on the load to be transported and the destination of the shipment. Freelance drivers then bid on shipping work at sites such as Shiply, with the winning bidder securing the job and completing the delivery. This type of job is ideal for people who wish to choose the days that they are available for work and allows them to create a working week that is perfectly tailored to their needs and other personal commitments. 

Landscape gardener 

If you have a love of nature and like the idea of working outside, then becoming a landscape gardener could be the ideal career choice. In this type of work, you will commonly be tasked with designing, creating and maintaining green spaces for both private individuals and companies. This type of work is ideal for people with a creative instinct and those who enjoy outdoor work that keeps them physically active. Another bonus of the role is that there may not be the need to gain formal qualifications to enter this form of work. Apprenticeships are a common way of gaining the skills and knowledge to become a landscape gardener and it may be possible to work for an established landscaping firm before deciding to work on a self-employed basis.


For people who thrive under pressure and relish the idea of helping others in their times of serious medical need, the role of paramedic can be the perfect career choice. Paramedics typically respond to serious and life-threatening medical emergencies and provide rapid treatments to seriously ill patients. The job is extremely varied as no two patients or working shifts are ever the same. The work also benefits from a competitive salary with an average yearly income of around $49.5K, which can rise further if you choose to become an advanced paramedic or specialize in a certain area of pre-hospital care.

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