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5 Reasons Why a Two-Person Workstation Might be Just the Thing Your Office Needs

In an office, where you sit matters just as much as what you do. In fact, your workplace decor and your office furniture directly influences your productivity through its visual appeal, ergonomics, and layout. Anyone with a desk job understands the importance of a good workstation. It is where they spend the better part of their waking hours, so it had better be good. Minimalistic or tiny workspaces would do well to buy or rent a 2-person desk, as it is chic, durable, and functional. Here are all the perks of getting shared desks.

#1 Encourages Orderliness

Often, when people have their own spaces, they tend to clutter them with files from the last five months, an assortment of stationery from different decades, coffee cups (one holding coffee, another holding paper clips, a third holding a small cactus), and pictures of parents, kids, and third cousins once removed. When people have a common workstation, they become conscious of their organisation skills and more respectful of the other person’s comfort. Orderliness fosters harmonious relationships as the person beside you will not complain about the smell of stale takeout or panic at the mountains of paperwork on your side.

#2 Minimises Noise

The dividing screen on the workstation has acoustic absorption properties. Understandably, when people work in close proximity, they will hear the clickety-click of keyboards, the slurping of coffee, and phone conversations about the undercooked turkey last Thanksgiving, whether they like it or not. While you cannot completely cancel noise, you can certainly muffle it. While the screens play a role in reducing noise, they also serve as visual reminders that colleagues should maintain respectful silence to avoid disturbing anyone’s peace of mind and workflow. These screens can effectively curb idle chatter and harmful gossip.

#3 Ensures Privacy

People need privacy as much as they need to socialise. A lack of privacy can interrupt someone’s productivity, erode their sense of autonomy, and even offend them. Sharing a workstation with someone can make people self-conscious, especially if they are not too far away. Office furniture that ensures your employees are close enough to feel connected and yet not too close to intrude on each other’s privacy is the best thing to have. A 2-person desk has enough space in between for the two people using it to feel comfortable working together. Privacy allows employees to concentrate on their daily tasks instead of exchanging awkward glances and making small talk.

#4 Maximises Space

Too many pieces of furniture can be hard to manage and maintain. Spacing can become a serious issue, with some desks and chairs being too close together and others too far apart. People need to move quickly and briskly in the office, so squeezing themselves into a narrow aisle can be incredibly frustrating because you might make unwanted contact or knock things over. Contrastingly, large gaps can feel like voids. Uneven gaps can give off obstacle course vibes. Shareable desks reduce the number of furniture items and the burden of arranging them. Their minimalist design gives occupants full-leg access and improves the overall appearance of the workspace.

#5 Cuts Expenses

It’s a no-brainer that a single sharing desk is cheaper than two single desks. A 2-person desk has the same look, strength, and space as a single desk but at a significantly lower price. Also, when your staff share a piece of furniture, they are more likely to maintain it out of mutual obligation. Therefore, maintenance costs will be negligible, and replacement is highly unlikely.

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