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Finding the Best PoP Display For Your Business

If you operate a business, you want your customers to purchase as much as possible. One way to do it is to ensure that they can see whatever they want to buy. While aisles and shelves are ideal, point of purchase or PoP displays attract and encourage clients to pick and put items in their shopping baskets.

Finding the best PoP for your business and products is not easy. Here are some factors to consider when choosing the best PoP display for your business. 

Factors to Consider When Choosing The Best PoP Display For Your Business

Location of Use

The point-of-purchase display you use for a retail shop is not the same one you will use for a trade show. When you attend a trade show, you need to attract as many people to your exhibition stand for success. To achieve it, you need to commission a custom tradeshow display PoP that is unique, visible, and attractive. For retail activities, you need to consider the size of the shop and the location of the PoP. 

The best place to have it is near the door or at a prime location within the store to increase visibility and sales. 


The size of the point-of-purchase display determines how many products it can carry. The larger it is, the more products it can hold. Similarly, the more sales it will make. If you use a PoP in a large retail shop, the bigger it is, the better. However, you will need to design smaller PoPs for smaller convenience stores. Your business will need a large PoP for a trade show. 

Brand Building

PoP displays are essential for marketing and increasing sales. Therefore, they should correspond to the brand design of your business. They should be in the recognized brand colors of your business and communicate a consistent message as the products they hold. 

Reusability and Durability

When you commission the manufacturing of PoPs, ensure they last long. The best Point-of-purchase displays are usable in different exhibitions. Additionally, any PoP installed at a retail shop should be durable and sturdy enough to withstand lots of traffic during its lifetime.

Types of PoP Displays You Can Use For Your Business

Temporary PoP Displays

These are the most commonly used. Businesses set up temporary PoPs for a season or a product promotion activity in-store or elsewhere. Free-standing Pop displays, shelf-takers, or end caps erected at aisle ends are some examples of temporary PoPs. You can remove them from the store after use. 

Semi-Permanent PoP Displays

PoP display manufacturers use glass, wood, or plastic to develop semi-permanent displays. These displays are usable for extended periods. If in-store, they are usable for up to a year. Pop-up stores are considered semi-permanent PoP displays.

Permanent PoP Displays

An example of permanent PoP displays is branded shelves. Retail stores are unlikely to change their shelves regularly.

Digital PoP Displays

A mounted screen showing advertisements of products within the store is a digital PoP display. They help boost the visibility of the products and the stature of the store and increase sales. 

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