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How much do movers charge?

The amount of money movers charge depends on so many factors. Sometimes there are so many hidden charges which makes it complicated to arrive at a specific amount. Also, there are different terms included like hourly rate, truck rate, and base fee that also need to be considered.

An average cost of a mover will also be determined by distance, the state you reside, and if you want to use their storage facilities. In this guide, we will talk about the cost of hiring movers and factors which might affect the rates.

The average cost movers charge 

When seeking reliable movers, rates vary. Most of these residential and commercial movers Monroe charge hourly. Here is the average cost of hiring moving firms based on several factors:

Studio apartment

If you are moving out of a studio apartment, you should budget around $80 per hour. Studio apartment movements are one of the cheapest because it is believed that you won’t have many personal belongings

A single bedroom

When you want to move from 1 bedroom, hiring a residential and commercial movers Monroe nj service is ideal. They know about local moving and charge around $100 for an hour for a local move. However, for outer states, expect the price to be higher because of distances. 

Two bedroom

If your apartment is a two-bedroom flat which is about 1000 Square feet, it should cost you around $100 to move locally using two movers and a truck. Most moving companies don’t take long when packing from these and the rate will cover 6 hour’s journey. However, you have to hope that there won’t be any gridlock, or else the price may increase.

Three bedroom

Moving from a three-bedroom apartment is one of the most difficult services offered. If you are relocating from this apartment, you will need to cough out around $120 per hour, Most residential and commercial movers Monroe nj come with a minimum of 5 members to help manage the movement.

4-bedroom/ Duplex

It’s a bit costly when moving from a four-bedroom flat because of the stress that comes with packing and loading from multiple rooms. It cost an average of $145 per hour. 

Factors that affect the cost of movers

When calculating moving rates, here are some things that can increase or reduce them:

Travel rates

These fees can increase significantly when moving on a long journey. Experienced residential and commercial movers calculate rats based on fuel, labor, and other factors.

Weight of items

Are you moving a lot of belongings, be aware that you will pay a huge fee. Asides that the belongings being heavy, it will also take a while to move heavy items across a locality. This can affect the total fee for the transport.

Packing services

While some people pack and load their belongings themselves, it can be stressful and take a toll on you. If you want moving services to help pack your goods, be prepaid to pay a token. If you have the funds, it’s ideal because you will have peace of mind.

Add on

There are some moving add-ons, which can affect the total rate you pay to movers. Good examples of these include moving valuables, assembling and disassembling, or other miscellaneous services.


If your movement isn’t clear or you have some challenges in your new location, you might have to keep your items in a secure store. Storage rates differ and are calculated based on the time your items will use and how valuable they are.

How to reduce the cost of moving

Here are some ways to pay less for moving :

Compare prices 

The prices of moving locally and interstate differ from one moving company to another. Ensure you compare prices to pick the best and most affordable you can find. 


When moving, avoid packing all your personal belongings. To Declutter properly ensure you sieve essential items from others. Only pack what you need and give the rest away. If you require cash, you can sell some of your stuff on eBay or amazon. 

Pack yourself 

If you are tight on budget and want to reduce moving costs you might have to pack your items yourself. All you will have to pay for is the transport fees. If you have good friends, you might tell them to come over and help you to move the belongings to the car. 

Apply for Moving discounts 

Some reliable moving companies offer different kinds of offers and discounts especially if you are a good customer. Also, there are discounts on holidays such as Easter and Christmas which some movers provide. To know if you are eligible for these moving discounts, talk to your mover for better advice. 


Movers charge fees based on several factors. These factors include duration, belongings weight, storage facilities, and emergency services. If you want to reduce the amount charged by movers, ensure you use the tips suggested above.

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