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Top Performances In Test Matches for Zimbabwe: Great Bowling Figures

Zimbabwe’s national cricket team is one of just a few of teams possessing Test match status. This gives them a big advantage over other cricket teams around the world. In 1992, they became full members of the International Cricket Council, although since then, they have played in just 111 tests. They are now ranked as the tenth-best test team in the world by the International Cricket Council (ICC). The squad, which is now managed by Sean Williams, played its most recent test match against Bangladesh in 2021. The following is just a small sample of the numerous Zimbabwean cricketers who have been successful at taking wickets for their country in test matches. Here are the best bowling numbers for the top 10 Zimbabwean cricket players in test matches based on cricket breaking news:

1.  Paul Strang vs New Zealand –

Paul Strang played cricket for the national team of Zimbabwe for 15 years, from 1994 to 2001. In the 24 times he played for the Zimbabwe national team, he took 70 wickets for Zimbabwe in Test matches. Strang currently holds the Zimbabwean record for the most wickets taken by a bowler in an inning during a test match. He played New Zealand on September 12, 2000, and got eight wickets while only giving up 109 runs. This impressive performance came during the match against New Zealand.

2. Sikandar Raza vs. Sri Lanka  –

Sikandar Raza is a Zimbabwean cricketer, but he was born in Pakistan. He now lives in Zimbabwe. However, he has subsequently migrated to Zimbabwe. He has played in 17 Test matches and has taken 34 wickets in those games. He also holds the record for the second-best bowling figures by a Zimbabwean bowler in an inning in Test cricket. He was the one who set this record. In the match against Sri Lanka that took place in Harare on January 27, 2020, he bowled and took seven wickets while giving up only 113 runs.

3. Douglas Hondo vs Bangladesh –

Douglas Hondo used to play cricket for Zimbabwe. He played in nine test matches for his country and had 21 wickets by the end of his career. He also has the honor of having the third-best bowling figures for a Zimbabwean bowler in an inning of a test match. In a game against Bangladesh on January 14, 2005, in Dhaka, he bowled very well, taking six wickets and letting only 59 runs through.

4. Ray Price vs West Indies –

Ray Price, a left-handed orthodox spinner who played for the Zimbabwean cricket team, has said that he is giving up the game. Between 1999 and 2013, he played in a total of 22 Test matches with the Zimbabwe cricket team. He has bowling scores that tie him with three other Zimbabwean players for fourth place. In 22 tests, he has taken 80 wickets, which makes him Zimbabwe’s second-best wicket-taker of all time. In a match against the West Indies on November 4, 2003, he bowled very well at the Harare sports club. He got six outs and only let 73 runs through.

5. Heath streak vs India-

Heath Streak used to be a member of the Zimbabwean national cricket team, where he played as an all-rounder. From 1993 to 2005, he was a member of the team. After his career, he had collected 216 wickets, making him the Zimbabwean cricketer who had taken the most wickets in a Test match. He played for his nation in a total of 65 Test matches, and he was the Zimbabwean cricketer who had taken the most wickets in a Test match. Additionally, his bowling statistics in a single inning in a test match are tied for fourth-best among Zimbabweans. This places him in a tie for fourth place. As a direct result of this, he has moved up to fourth position overall. 2005 was the year that he competed in a match against India. Despite India’s total of 73 runs, he was able to take six wickets.

6. Heath Streak vs England –

Based on his statistics during an inning, Heath Streak is now ranked sixth among Zimbabwean bowlers. On May 18, 2000, at Lord’s Cricket Ground, which is known as the spiritual home of cricket, he beat England by taking six wickets and letting them score only 87 runs. And he bowled 12 perfect innings during that inning.

7. Heath Streak vs Pakistan  –

Based on his statistics during an inning, Heath Streak is now the sixth-best Zimbabwean bowler. On January 31, 1995, he did a great job bowling against Pakistan at the Harare sports club cricket stadium. He got six wickets and gave up only 90 runs. This show was worth remembering. During the whole innings, he also didn’t lose a wicket while bowling 11 overs.

 8. Adam Huckle vs New Zealand –

Adam Huckle used to play cricket for Zimbabwe. He played in 8 Test matches and 19 One-Day International matches. He played in eight games and had a total of 25 wickets. On September 25, 1997, he played against New Zealand in Bulawayo. In that game, he took six wickets and gave up only 109 runs, which put him on this list.

9. Ray Price vs Australia –

The powerful Australian cricket team played at the Sydney Cricket Ground on October 17, 2003. When Ray Price was bowling, he took six wickets and kept the other team to 121 runs. He had bowled a total of 41.3 overs by the end of the innings, but only six of them had led to a wicket.

10. Heath Streak vs West Indies  –

For instance, Heath Streak is included not just once but four times on this list, which is evidence of how remarkable he was in his earlier years. Because of the things he accomplished, he now has a place on this list. On March 16, 2000, it took place at Port of Spain, and he was engaged in a match versus the West Indies at the time. He bowled for five overs and allowed just 27 runs to be scored off of his bowling. The streak was on the field for 17 overs, during which time just two runs were scored, and he was responsible for both of those wickets.

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