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Crunchbase Raises $50 Million in Series D Funding For Its Database Startups

During both boom and bust periods, building sales pipelines and getting closer to revenue is a challenge for enterprises across industries. “Account-based” information, or research on new clients, can help with prospecting. Investors seem to be convinced.

Crunchbase closed a $50 million series D investment that had been oversubscribed and in which OMERS Ventures, Mayfield, and Emergence Capital had invested.

The round was led by Alignment Growth. CEO Jager McConnell said it was a “major up round” but would not disclose the valuation. Crunchbase was worth $150 million after expenses as of the Series C closure as per wiggerstechcrunch. But in addition to a comprehensive, consistent supply of information, it also calls for contacts in divisions like business development, sales, and recruitment.

About Crunchbase

A platform for learning about business data regarding both private and public companies is called Crunchbase. It provides prospecting software that is informed by recent corporate data. Their materials contain information on fundraising and investments, founding members and leaders, mergers and acquisitions, news, and market trends. Crunchbase, a website that was first developed to track startups, offers information on both public and private companies throughout the globe. The New York Times created a spreadsheet in 2020 using data from Crunchbase.

Crunchbase’s CEO, Jager McConnell, asserts that this is the reason an increasing number of companies rely on it. With its origins in an internal initiative by Crunch founder Michael Arrington that was created to index businesses mentioned in articles, CrunchBase has matured over the past 15 years into a startup and financial reports database driven by APIs with a burgeoning journalism segment. But in addition to a comprehensive, consistent supply of information, it also calls for contacts in divisions like business development, sales, and recruitment.

We uncover qualifying accounts and raise awareness for underutilized businesses, he said. They created a prospecting tool “From the Day of their Spinout” that is driven by the best-in-class proprietary data we are known for and that enables deal-makers to locate and interact with suitable clients as well as raise awareness for the companies to be identified.

Crunchbase as it exists today serves primarily as a sales team’s research tool. Information on a company’s founding date, founders, leadership group, financing and debt rounds, and contributors to each, is provided by entries. Paying Crunchbase subscribers gain access to data on rivals, the past, and other subjects.

A group of authors who cover investment rounds and other Crunchbase-related topics contribute to Crunchbase Topics. Thanks to a large number of partnerships and syndication agreements with websites like LinkedIn, Business Insider, and others, the main database is updated both manually and automatically.

McConnell asserts that by emphasizing businesses that have “growth signals,” such as funding rounds or rising product usage, Crunchbase may cut down on the time sales teams spend prospecting. Prospectors have the ability to focus outreach on decision-makers with purchasing power when unfavorable economic conditions affect more enterprises by knowing whether or not a target account is growing. Their solutions promote account-based selling, which encourages deal-makers to focus their prospecting efforts on the businesses they ought to be approaching rather than on specific individuals. This strategy differs from the “spray and pray” strategy, which is reliant on extensive contact lists and yields the kind of spammy outreach that no one wants.

Recent platform modifications take a discovery-focused stance, enabling Crunchbase clients, for example, to find companies that suit a profile by searching for areas or attributes like “diversity.” Customer relationship management data in search reveals clients that could be unfamiliar to a certain salesperson, while recommendations powered by machine learning identify fresh clients and related companies to investigate.


Where is the headquarters of Crunchbase?

San Francisco, California.

Who is the creator of Crunchbase?

Michael Arrington.

When was Crunchbase launched?

May 17, 2007

By how many funds are Crunchbase planning to raise its startup?

$50 M

Who is the CEO of Crunchbase?

Jager McConnell

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